Fog Lake – “Catacombs”

Fog Lake – “Catacombs”

After spending a year in quarantine, I’ve discovered one of my favorite comfort activities is vaping in parks while listening to indulgently sad music. Fog Lake, the lo-fi project of Newfoundland-based Aaron Powell, reverberates with the simple, gloomy landscape of Elliott Smith’s XO, so it fits the roster.

His new single, “Catacombs,” from his forthcoming album Tragedy Reel, is a piano ballad similar to the classic “Waltz #1.” Powell’s vocals are mumbles, and the lyrics are as heartbreaking as Elliott’s: “You said you wanted to die/ You said you’ve got a broken heart and a broken mind.”

“The song describes the baggage and fallout of unrequited love through the filter of addiction and self-destruction,” Powell said. “I wrote it on my 27th birthday. It’s one of those songs that seemed to write itself.”

Listen to “Catacombs” below.

Tragedy Reel is out 4/23 via Orchid Tapes.

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