Stream Miguel’s New Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4 EP

Stream Miguel’s New Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4 EP

Miguel’s been pretty quiet as of late. The R&B singer’s most recent album was 2017’s War And Leisure and the last new song he put out on his own was “Freedom” back in 2019. But tonight he returns with a new EP, Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4, a sequel to the first three Art Dealer Chics that all came out in 2012.

“I’ve been doing a lot of work to consider and refine my beliefs in the last few years,” Miguel wrote in a statement announcing the new EP. “Inevitably, this brought me back to Art Dealer Chic, as ADC is more or less a moniker for active mindset curation; choosing the thoughts, emotions, and actions that reflect my truest self instead of letting what I’ve experienced or what is expected of me dictate my choices. As a basic operating system, this mentality has made a profound impact on my life and I want to continue to share how through the music and the conversation around ADC.”

Listen to Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4 below.

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