Stream Plague Skater’s Great New Scuzz Pop Album Plague Skater II

Stream Plague Skater’s Great New Scuzz Pop Album Plague Skater II

Plague Skater is the one-man “scuzz pop” project of New Jersey’s Will Schwester. As explained on Bandcamp, “sometimes his friends pitch in, which he appreciates greatly.” On Friday Schwester dropped Plague Skater II, his second set of lo-fi guitar-pop bangers following last year’s self-titled debut. At times the project reminds me of Guided By Voices, American Pleasure Club, and the Thermals among other melodious, static-laden, high-energy touchstones. With song titles like “Summertime Witch,” “Beach Death II,” and “Immortal Goth,” obviously Wavves come to mind as well.

Schwester is clearly doing this for the love of it. His enthusiasm comes through in recordings that are raw and emphatic and bursting with life. But also, he’s giving away any money he raises with the new album on Bandcamp. He writes that “any and all proceeds from Bandcamp sales of this record will be split 50/50 and each half will be donated to the Daunte Wright Sr. Memorial Fund and the ACLU of Illinois, respectively.” With that in mind, stream and purchase Plague Skater II via Bandcamp below.

Plague Skater II is out now on Flea Collar Tapes.

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