The HIRS Collective – “Love”

The HIRS Collective – “Love”

Back in 2018 the HIRS Collective released Friends. Lovers. Favorites., their fast and furious debut full-length that stuffed in collaborations with Laura Jane Grace, Marissa Paternoster, Alice Bag, Martin Crudo, and Sadie Switchblade into 15 raging minutes.

The Philadelphia-based crew, who are tied to the label Get Better Records, are releasing a massive new double album in a couple months called The Third 100 Songs, which features a whole lot of HIRS Collective tracks (even more than 100) that have popped up on splits and compilations over the years as well as a good chunk of previously unreleased songs. One of those is “Love,” which they’re sharing today, a thrashing and frenzied track with the lyrics:”Sounds pissed/ Looks pissed/ Often we are but right now we’re happy to shower all of y’all with love.”

“The HIRS Collective exists to fight for, defend, and celebrate the survival of trans, queer, POC, black, women and any and all other folks who have to constantly face violence, marginalization, and oppression,” collective member Jenna Pup said in a statement. “We are a collective of freaks, faggots, friends, lovers, and favorites that will never stop existing. infinite and never ending. No one is going to kill us, we are going to live forever. And the first single ‘Love,’ is about us celebrating our existence and being excited to share love.”

Listen below.

The Third 100 Songs is out 6/25 via Get Better Records. Pre-order it here.

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