Trick Gum – “Hot Rifle”

Trick Gum – “Hot Rifle”

Justin Raisen is best known as a producer for artists such as Angel Olsen, Yves Tumor, Sky Ferreira, Kim Gordon, Charli XCX, and many more. Today he’s launching a new band of his own. Trick Gum brings Raisen together with his cousin Jordan Benik of the LA band Sweaters. The two were born two days apart, albeit into significantly different life circumstances: Raisen’s dad was working for Yves Saint Laurent in Miami, while Benik’s dad was majoring in Ancient Greek at Moody Bible College in Chicago. The cousins used to have a band together called Tall Hands back in the aughts, but they’d been pursuing separate paths for many years when they ran into each other and decided to make music together again.

That process has now led to the release of Trick Gum’s first single “Hot Rifle.” It’s a synth-powered track that reminds me of playfully lackadaisical ’90s alternative radio hits from the likes of Beck and Cake as well as indie oddities like Enon and Tobacco. The first verse is sufficiently loopy: “Call me Prima Donna/ I been drinkin’ water/ Depressed cuz I wanna/ Be in Nirvana/ I don’t think I’m gonna/ Layin’ in the gutter/ Livin’ guns and butter/ Readin’ Unabomber.”

Raisen shared this statement:

“Hot Rifle” is about being pushed to the edge and losing your faith in societal norms, the moment you give up on the rules and consider stealing a very large amount of money, and the peace that dwells within you in this moment, freed from the constraints of principle… in other words, a summer jam.

Come get an earful:

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