Koreless – “Joy Squad”

Koreless – “Joy Squad”

Welsh producer Lewis Roberts, has announced his highly anticipated new Koreless album Agor is coming out this summer. “Agor” is the Welsh word for open, and space is something that Roberts played around with while making this new record. It’s supposed to inflict sensory sensations. He studied Marine Engineering at university and was raised in a coastal town called Bangor, evidently an influence on his music’s experimentation with physicality and waveforms.

Along with the news, he’s unveiled lead single “Joy Squad,” where his aim was, as he described, “to build a club rollercoaster that swallows you up and spits you out.” Even though it’s only three minutes, it’s a cinematic experience that does just that. It comes at the perfect time when clubs are opening and partiers are looking for disorienting songs to dance to while nearly blackout drunk.

Listen to “Joy Squad” and check out the tracklist for Agor below.

01 “Yonder”
02 “Black Rainbow”
03 “Primes”
04 “White Picket Fence”
05 “Act(s)”
06 “Joy Squad”
07 “Frozen”
08 “Shellshock”
09 “Hance”
10 “Strangers”

Agor is out 7/9 via Young. Pre-order it here.

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