Grimes Has A Proposition For The Communists

Grimes Has A Proposition For The Communists

It’s always fun when Grimes, an ostensibly leftist artist who happens to be in a relationship with one of the world’s richest men, makes a statement on the best ways to dismantle the capitalist system. Last year, for instance, Grimes said that income inequality is a big problem but that she could “make an exception” for Elon Musk: “It’s worth dissecting the wealth gap, it’s worth dissecting the existence of billionaires, but situations have nuance.” And now, Grimes is on TikTok, talking about how artificial intelligence might be our best route to full communism.

Here’s the statement that Grimes made in a TikTok video last night:

I have a proposition for the communists. So typically, most of the communists I know are not big fans of AI. But if you think about it, AI is actually the fastest path to communism. So: if implemented correctly, AI could actually theoretically solve for abundance. Like, we could totally get to a situation where nobody has to work, everybody is provided for with a comparable state of being, comfortable living. AI could automate all the farming, weed out systematic corruption, thereby bring to… as close as possible to genuine equality. So basically, everything that everybody loves about communism, but without the collective farm. Because let’s be real: Enforced farming is really not a vibe


A.I. Is the fastest path to communism #ai #communism #farming

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Think about it!

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