Wolves In The Throne Room – “Mountain Magick”

Wolves In The Throne Room – “Mountain Magick”

It’s been nearly four years since the Pacific Northwest black metal mystics Wolves In The Throne Room released Thrice Woven, their last album. Later this summer, the band will return with their new LP Primordial Arcana. The members of the band recorded this one entirely on their own at their Owl Lodge Studios, where they recorded and mixed themselves. But Wolves In The Throne Room aren’t releasing Primordial Arcana themselves, as they did with Thrice Woven. Instead, at least for this album, the band has joined the roster of the great metal label Relapse Records. Today, they’ve dropped the first single and opening track from the new LP.

The new song “Mountain Magick” makes it plainly clear that Wolves In The Throne Room aren’t traveling the same path as Deafheaven, another band who got a lot of critical love around the same time for playing black metal. Wolves In The Throne Room aren’t leaving their sound behind. Instead, they’re doubling down and finding new ways to make their guttural roars sound oddly pretty, like they’re ritualistic hymns for a long-dead religion. The members of the band have made their own “Mountain Magick” video, which involves getting up to some mysterious sorcery in the deep woods. These guys are good at making their own videos; they know that it looks really cool when Kody Keyworth plays a guitar solo in front of a waterfall.

In a statement, Wolves In The Throne Room talk about making their video:

“Mountain Magick” was shot in the northern reaches of the Olympic Mountains and the ancient forests that shroud the foothills. We wrote the story, created the costumes, shot the footage, and did the editing ourselves, so it is a true product of our hearts and souls. Creating our own videos has been a long standing dream, and now it’s very exciting to bring these Visions into the Cinematic Realm.

Shout out to these guys for capitalizing “Visions” and “Cinematic Realm.” Watch the video and check out the Primordial Arcana tracklist below.

01 “Mountain Magick”
02 “Spirit Of Lightning”
03 “Through Eternal Fields”
04 “Primal Cham (Gift Of Fire)”
05 “Underworld Aurora”
06 “Masters of Rain And Storm”
07 “Eostre”
08 “Skyclad Passage”

Primordial Arcana is out 8/20 on Relapse.

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