Stream Danish Screamo Bands Demersal & Regarding Ambiguity’s Monstrous Split EP

Stream Danish Screamo Bands Demersal & Regarding Ambiguity’s Monstrous Split EP

By now many of you know the drill: Zegema Beach Records or its Tomb Tree Tapes offshoot uploads a new release to Bandcamp; that release inevitably contains some transcendently harsh, heavy music in or adjacent to the screamo extended universe; and we at Stereogum post it with a glowing recommendation. The label’s batting average has been extremely strong in recent years. It continues with today’s split EP from the Danish emoviolence bands Demersal and Regarding Ambiguity. Over the course of four tracks we get frantic riff-driven metallic outbursts, heartier slow-churn segments that edge up against black metal, knuckle-dragging ferocity, hard-rock velocity, and more. It’s like a more extreme version of Kvelertak that hasn’t veered quite so far into the classic rock zone.

Both bands gave a comment to IDIOTEQ. Demersal say their songs “are both touching upon concrete subjects; dealing with desperation and anger in abusive relationships, and more intangible feelings experienced when confronting a world in decay. Both songs explore different emotional states and points of view of a person caught in a downward spiral.” As for Regarding Ambiguity:

“Noose” is somewhat an atypical RA song. Very punchy and in your face with a combined emo mid section. It almost resembles a mix of our two biggest influences in Converge and Touché Amoré. Apart from that it’s the one song that we’ve spent the most time learning to play, as the main riffs are harder than what we’ve written in the past.

For “Pugilist,” we’ve actually recorded this song before. It was featured on a split with Disillusionist. However we were quite unhappy with how it turned out after being mixed and mastered. The song itself was written by our previous vocalist Jakob Høy. As I recall, it was heavily influenced by Loma Prieta. Especially the song “Fly By Night,” that’s also one of our favorite Loma songs.

Dig into the split below.

The split is out now on Tomb Tree Tapes.

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