Morly – “Dance To You”

Morly – “Dance To You”

Katy Morley, who puts out music minus the ‘e’ as Morly, had a string of EPs in the middle of the last decade — 2015’s In Defense Of My Muse, 2016’s Something More Holy, and 2017’s Sleeping In My Own Bed — that charted her development from electronic textures to more analog sounds.

Today, Morley is announcing her long-in-the-works debut album, which is called ‘Til I Start Speaking and is out in August. Her new single “Dance To You” is a sighing, elegant lounge jam. “I can’t stop listening to this tape you played me on the night you whispered, ‘Take my hand, let’s pretend we’re in love,'” Morley sings on it. “Well now I’m all alone in everything I do/ But when I dance I dance to you.”

“‘Dance to You’ is about the need for — and is the vehicle for — a benevolent exorcism,” she said in a statement. “It sprang from an encounter with someone so radiant to me that they helped light my way, but that I had to outgrow in order to see my own brilliance: I can’t grow/inside your glow.”

Watch a video for the track below.

01 “Til I Start Speaking (I & II)”
02 “Dance To You”
03 “Sleeping In My Own Bed”
04 “Wasted”
05 “Twain Harte”
06 “Up Above”
07 “Jazz Angel (Bill)”
08 “Savior Mind Tattoo”
09 “Superlunar”
10 “Eliogy”
11 “Feels” (Bonus Track)

‘Til I Start Speaking is out 8/20 via Cascine.

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