Hey Jealousy: Gin Blossoms Can’t Stop Dunking On Nuggets Fan Who Mocked The Suns For Booking Them

Hey Jealousy: Gin Blossoms Can’t Stop Dunking On Nuggets Fan Who Mocked The Suns For Booking Them

The Phoenix Suns are hosting the Los Angeles Clippers tonight in game two of the Western Conference Finals. The halftime entertainment: ’90s power-pop hit-makers and Tempe hometown heroes the Gin Blossoms. They’re even setting up a Charles Barkley bobblehead on their drum kit, which is some brilliant synchronicity since Barkley was killing it for the Suns exactly when Gin Blossoms were killing it on alternative radio. Sounds like a great night all around! But maybe not as fun as watching the band troll a hater on Twitter.

Phoenix advanced to this point by sweeping the Denver Nuggets in the previous round, according to the prophecy of a Suns fan who got into a fistfight with a Nuggets fan in this viral video. (“Suns in 4” guy is now a local folk hero and a friend of the team.) One Nuggets fan who is apparently still reeling from the elimination responded to Gin Blossoms’ tweet by griping, “Leave it to the Suns to book the third shittiest band ever.” Hey jealousy!

The band decided to engage with this troll by trolling him back — repeatedly. “Who did your Nuggets book for tonight?” they responded. And when the Denver partisan conceded that his Nuggets were now about as relevant as Gin Blossoms, they zinged this brother once again: “Tbh, we’re playing one more game of the Western Conference Finals than the Nuggets…” It continued like this for a while. Gin Blossoms mercilessly dragged this man, and when he came back for more, they did it again. They even managed to work “Suns in 4” guy into one of their clapbacks — and honestly the beating they put on this hapless fan account was comparable to the one “Suns in 4” guy put on his opponent. It was beautiful to behold, and unless they delete the tweets, you can behold it below.

My question: Which two bands does this guy think are worse than Gin Blossoms?

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