Namesake – “I’m Sick”

Namesake – “I’m Sick”

The Brooklyn band Namesake has been around for the better part of a decade, though they spent much of that time recording under the name Honduras. Namesake have put out a bunch of EPs over the years, but right now, they’ve only got one album, 2015’s Rituals, to their credit. This fall, they’ll follow that LP up with a new one called Redeeming Features, and they’ve shared “I’m Sick,” the opening track. It’s a jam.

In a press release, Phillips says:

For me, dealing with a lot of panic attacks, a panic disorder, and agoraphobia, it’s almost the sensation of going into the album with a racing heart. The last lyrics in that song were written a week before I started therapy. The confusion I was dealing with this album is just so present. It’s interesting to listen back to and there’s some radical honesty happening. And that’s what the whole album is about…

There’s just something beautiful about attacking really heavy lyrical matter, but at the same time, you can tap your foot along to it. You’re able to acknowledge things about yourself and to be truthful. But you have to tell your story with a smirk, because we all have our own stuff to go through. It can’t be too self-serious! You definitely have to be truthful with yourself.

As someone who never really paid attention to Namesake when they were Honduras, I was a bit surprised to learn that “I’m Sick” came from a band that’s been around for a while. “I’m Sick” is a revved-up power-pop banger with the reckless energy of a brand-new band. In director Josh Wehle’s video, frontman Patrick Phillips and friends cruise around Brooklyn in a classic convertible. It’s a lot of fun, and it looks like they might be shooting for actual glamor up until the video’s final shot.

Redeeming Features is out 10/15 on Get Better Records.

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