Orion Sun – “Concrete” (Prod. Rostam)

Orion Sun – “Concrete” (Prod. Rostam)

Orion Sun, aka Philly’s Tiffany Majette, released her debut album Hold Space For Me last year, and its single “Lightning” caught my ear. Today she’s back with “Concrete,” a new single produced by Rostam. Warmly organic but accented by flashes of psychedelic synths, it’s a great sonic environment for Orion Sun’s softly agile vocals. “I remember waiting for you at the train stop/ I put new songs on my iPod,” she sings. “I want to show ’em to you/ I like what you think/ I like how you smile when you hear me sing.”

A statement from Orion Sun on the track:

When I think about the song “Concrete,” there’s a lot that comes to mind. There are so many emotions that come to the surface when I respond to the thought train of all the moments that lead me to this point. The warm hands of my ancestors have guided me through such tough terrain. I am comforted by them and in turn given the strength to keep going. Sometimes the negativity can be loud and overbearing- both internally and externally. When I remember everything that I have done to get me here, the good and the bad, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and I know that I make my family (dead or alive) proud. At the very least, I have not given up. Every time I walk out my door or see an airplane in the sky, I am reminded how small we are. It’s moments like these that remind me that my life is beautiful because it is still happening. I’m still here. All I want to do with my time left on this earth is make a positive mark on the world and continue to make my loved ones and myself proud.

Director Morian Thomas’ video features Orion Sun on a California farm, imagery of a legacy the singer says “is long filled with strength and knowledge, overflowing with resilience and beauty.” Watch it below.

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