Spoon – “The Hardest Cut”

Spoon – “The Hardest Cut”

Spoon! SPOOOOOOOOON! One of the most consistently excellent bands in indie rock history will release their 10th full-length studio album in February. It’s called Lucifer On The Sofa, and it’s billed as the first LP they’ve recorded in their home state of Texas in over a decade. Spoon co-produced Lucifer On The Sofa with Adele/Queens Of The Stone Age collaborator Mark Rankin, with contributions from Dave Fridmann and Justin Raisen. Per Britt Daniel, it’s “the sound of classic rock as written by a guy who never did get Eric Clapton.”

Judging by the gnarly guitar work on lead single “The Hardest Cut” — those guttural string bends in particular — it’s also classic rock as written by a guy who was in a drop-D metal band called Requiem. (A little lyrical reference for all the Spoon-heads out there.) “I spent a lot of 2018 and 2019 listening to ZZ Top,” Daniel explains, and, like, no shit man, you certainly did! The six-string work is nasty on this tight little minimalist piece of work. If you felt like 2017’s Hot Thoughts was a bit too dance-y or whatever, it’s time to tune back in. There is smoke coming off this track.

“The Hardest Cut” arrives with a music video in which people dance eerily at an intimate Spoon performance and some, uh, cutting happens. Watch it below.

01 “Held”
02 “The Hardest Cut”
03 “The Devil & Mister Jones”
04 “Wild”
05 “My Babe”
06 “Feels Alright”
07 “On The Radio”
08 “Astral Jacket”
09 “Satellite”
10 “Lucifer On The Sofa”

Lucifer On The Sofa is out 2/11 on Matador. Pre-order it here.

Oliver Halfin

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