Stream UK Hardcore Band Final Form’s Awesomely Thrashy New Demo

Stream UK Hardcore Band Final Form’s Awesomely Thrashy New Demo

In recent years, the whole UK hardcore scene has been going through an exciting new wave. Many of the best bands going these days — Higher Power, Chubby And The Gang, the Chisel, Big Cheese — come from the same loose community of musicians, and a lot of those musicians spent time in the formative bands Arms Race and Violent Reaction. But UK hardcore is a diverse thing, and plenty of great bands don’t include any of those people or sound anything like those bands. Case in point: Final Form.

Last year, a mysterious UK band called Final Form released a demo of fast, mean, shred-happy ragers that existed at the borderlands between hardcore and thrash metal. That’s not exactly a trailblazing combination; bands have been working with those sounds for decades. But Final Form attacked them with a refreshing vigor, and they were not afraid to sound stupidly awesome. Yesterday, Final Form released their second demo, and it’s even better.

Demo 2 opens with a blazing 43-second instrumental intro, and then it burns through four songs’ worth of demonic grunt-growls and absolutely ridiculous riffs. This kind of thing is exactly what I needed today. If you’re not having the best day, this kind of music can be soothing on some deep and elemental level. I heartily suggest that you listen for yourself below.

Demo 2 is out now on The Coming Strife Records.

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