Romero – “Turn It On!”

Romero – “Turn It On!”

Romero are a Camaro-blasting power-pop band out of Melbourne. Their debut album Turn It On! is dropping in April, and its title track is an absolute must-hear for fans of bands like Sheer Mag, Free Energy, Blondie, Thin Lizzy, and the Exploding Hearts. It’s like the rhythm guitar, the lead guitar, Alanna Oliver’s vocals, and the cowbell are all in competition to be the sound that hooks you.

Oliver explains the song’s genesis:

I was watching a Debbie Harry documentary and one of the quotes was “she just gets on stage and she turns it on.” As soon as I heard this I paused it and started writing. The lyrics flowed effortlessly. It was such a simple idea to channel that inner power. When I sing this song I am now a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

“Turn It On!” arrives with a video by Triana Hernandez that you can watch below.

01 “Talk About It”
02 “Happy Hour”
03 “Honey”
04 “Crossing Lines”
05 “Turn It On!”
06 “Halfway Out The Door”
07 “Troublemaker”
08 “Petals”
09 “Neapolitan”
10 “White Dress”
11 “Things They Don’t Tell You”

Turn It On! is out 4/8 via Cool Death/Feel It. Pre-order it here.

Izzie Austin

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