Goose – “Dripfield”

Goose – “Dripfield”

Goose — not to be confused with young New York City upstarts Geese — have made a huge name for themselves over the past few years on the festival circuit. Today, the Connecticut band is announcing a new full-length album, DRIPFIELD, which was produced by D. James Goodwin and recorded at The ISOKON in Woodstock, NY.

“The underlying idea of ‘Dripfield’ is that of saturation,” the band’s Rick Mitarotonda said about their new project in a statement. “Imagine a piece of earth – it’s kind of like the water level rising and seeping up to the top. It’s a metaphor for the creativity we have inside of us. I’m not sure what pulls it out of us – maybe it’s our subconscious.”

They’re introducing the album with its title track, which comes with a music video directed by Dylan Hahn that was shot in the Mojave Desert. Check it out below.

01 “Borne”
02 “Hungersite”
03 “Dripfield”
04 “Slow Ready”
05 “The Whales”
06 “Arrow”
07 “Hot Tea”
08 “Moonrise”
09 “Honeybee”
10 “726”

DRIPFIELD is out 6/24.

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