Gruff Rhys – “People Are Pissed” & “Arogldarth”

Gruff Rhys – “People Are Pissed” & “Arogldarth”

Last year, Gruff Rhys returned with his latest album, Seeking New Gods. Now, he’s following that up with some new songs. Today, Rhys has released a double single, featuring two tracks called “People Are Pissed” and “Arogldarth.”

“The lyrics were basically inspired by the widespread anger I and many other people felt towards the incompetence and arrogance of the Johnson regime during the lockdowns — not that I feel any different now,” Rhys explained in a statement. “I mean the words go off on one like most of my songs but that was the seed of the idea.”

On Twitter, Rhys further clarified that the EP had been planned for a while and is not a response to the current crisis in Ukraine. He also elaborated on the songs’ origins, saying they’re related to the soundtrack he’s been working on for a forthcoming movie called The Almond And The Seahorse, which stars Celyn Jones, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Rebel Wilson. While “People Are Pissed” is a catchy, piano-driven track, “Arogldarth” is a spacey guitar reflection. Check them both out below.

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