Raavi – “Lazy Susan”

Raavi – “Lazy Susan”

Raavi Sita formed the anthemic, emotionally charged indie-pop group Raavi & The Houseplants in Boston before relocating to Brooklyn and rebranding as just Raavi. Now the queer-desi singer-songwriter and her band are set to release a spectacular new EP called It Grows On Trees. Sita cites Slow Pulp and Forth Wanderers as inspirations, and if my ears aren’t mistaken there’s a healthy dose of Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy in this music too. You get the idea: deeply earnest, profoundly melodic guitar songs that rock as hard as they sparkle.

The first of them to be shared with the public is “Lazy Susan,” out today with a video by director Asia Vo. It’s a song about being exploited in the workplace; Sita says she “almost felt like the song was an internal pep talk.” On the chorus, she sings, “I’ve been taking a backseat,” but you ought to move Raavi near the front of your listening queue. Blending indie rock, emo, and ’90s alt-rock is not exactly a novel approach in 2022, but this band does it as well as anyone.

Watch the “Lazy Susan” video below.

01 “The Neighbors”
02 “Lazy Susan”
03 “Chorus Girl”
04 “Thursday”
05 “AJ”

It Grows On Trees is out 5/13 on Beauty Fool Records.

Mia Manning

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