Say Sue Me – “Around You”

Say Sue Me – “Around You”

Busan, South Korea indie rockers Say Sue Me returned with the one-off single “So Tender” last summer, and now they’re ready to roll out a whole new album. It’s called The Last Thing Left, and it’s dropping in May. Lead single “Around You” has a skip in its step and a hint of melancholy in its vocal melody. It arrives today with a music video by director 윤지원 Yoon Jeewon.

The band’s Sumi Choi shares this statement:

This song was written at the beginning of the pandemic, quite early in the making of the album. In a world where it became difficult to go outside and meet people freely, I felt like time is totally mine, but I still don’t know how to control it. My thoughts linger and dwell within me and my youth is slipping away. Perhaps when I go outside something is waiting for me that makes me think better than this!

The Last Thing Left ends with “George & Janice,” a 2019 single Say Sue Me wrote as a surprise wedding present for the founders of their label, Damnably Records. Check out “Around You” and “George & Janice” below.

01 “그 때의 기억 The Memory Of The Time”
02 “Still Here” (Feat. Kim Ildu)
03 “Around You”
04 “We Look Alike”
05 “No Real Place”
06 “꿈에 To Dream” (Feat. Kim Oki)
07 “Photo Of You”
08 “The Last Thing Left”
09 “Now I Say”
10 “George & Janice”

The Last Thing Left is out 5/13 on Damnably. Pre-order it here.

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