Car Seat Headrest Performed In A Fursuit Last Night

Car Seat Headrest Performed In A Fursuit Last Night

In a Reddit AMA a couple years ago, Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo confirmed what many online had speculated based on various lyrics and interview quotes: Yes, he is a furry. And if you’d prefer some visual evidence, Thursday night in Brooklyn, he performed part of the band’s set at Brooklyn Steel while wearing a fursuit.

Toledo started the show wearing a giant bunny suit, which was apparently created by the Seattle-area fursuit designer Jill Costumes, in addition to the gas mask and construction vest associated with 2020’s Making A Door Less Open. Someone in a squirrel suit crowdsurfed. It looks like at one point Toledo ditched the bunny outfit but kept the gas mask. Opening act Bartees Strange, who has been guesting on “Can’t Cool Me Down” throughout the tour, was not wearing a fursuit but did join Toledo for some coordinated dancing. Looks like it was a fun show.

Below, you can find lots of fan-made photos and videos of the gig, along with the setlist via Thanks to reader JT for the tip!

“Fill In The Blank”
“Hymn – Remix”
“Snake Song”
“1937 State Park”
“Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales”
“Misheard Lyrics”
“Destroyed By Hippie Powers”
“It’s My Child (I’ll Do What I Like)”
“Can’t Cool Me Down” / “Vincent” (with Bartees Strange)
“Beach Life-In-Death”
“Sober To Death”

“Deadlines (Hostile)”

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