Delicate Steve – “Street Breeze”

Delicate Steve – “Street Breeze”

New York guitarist Delicate Steve — aka Steve Marion — has announced a new album, After Hours, out in July via ANTI-. After Hours follows up 2019’s Till I Burn Up and was written and recorded on a 1966 Fender Stratocaster. Along with the announcement is a groovy, all-instrumental new track, “Street Breeze,” which also has a music video.

“This song captures the feeling of stepping outside your door and onto the street, walking through a city with no destination in mind,” Marion says of “Street Breeze.” “When you have no destination in mind, you become open to the possibility of ending up anywhere. Usually that ends up being a good thing.”

Also featured on the album are bassist Shahzad Ismaily and Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco. “I wanted people to find comfort in the music, to find a home in it, because that’s what it did for me,” says Marion. “It helped me finally find a home in the sound of the electric guitar.”

Watch and listen below to “Street Breeze.”

01 “Playing In A Band”
2 “Street Breeze
03 “I Can Fly Away
04 “Now I Know”

05 “Looking Glass”

06 “Find My Way
07 “After Hours
08 “Artificial”

09 “Night Owl
10 “Still Life”

After Hours is out 7/8 via ANTI-.

Eleanor Petry

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