Max Creeps Deny Being A Hoax Band

Max Creeps Deny Being A Hoax Band

Yesterday we published a list of noteworthy hoax bands pegged to Nein, the upcoming album from Max Creeps, described in a recent press release as “the highly-influential Seattle band who formed following a chance encounter at David Bowie’s 1973 Hammersmith Odeon show and went on to revolutionize music, inspiring a legion of bands including the Sex Pistols, The Clash, Wire, and Devo, while simultaneously creating what we now call ‘punk rock’ and abstaining from cementing their songs to vinyl or any format du jour.” In response to that article, the two members of the definitely-not-fake band have issued statements.

Here’s the good word from Max Blastic:

This is Max B. from Max Creeps and please let me assure you we are no hoax band. It kind of hurts my feelings to be mentioned in the same frame as Milly Vanilly (sp) but I guess it’s understandable.

We were in some ways lucky that we never actually made a record back in the day, people talk about the bootleg but has anyone actually seen or heard it? Not I! So it made it way easier for our media guy, TJ MAX, to wipe the internet ahead of our return. Clean slate = clean plate, or so they say! We were serious about our breakup, we really thought no-one remembered or cared at all. It’s hard to beat your head against the wall for so many years without a shard of recognition, and we really were inspired by the nice words of (some) people. Haters, well they do what they do, and they do it very well! But we’re here for the, how do you put it, the NON-haters!


Max Blastic
Max Creeps

And here’s what PC Bullshit had to say:

We’ve never heard of you either!

– PC Bullshit.

I guess that settles it then!

Nein is out 5/13 on Velocity Records.

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