Evan Dando Slams “Pussies” Jawbreaker For Firing The Lemonheads From Their Tour

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Evan Dando Slams “Pussies” Jawbreaker For Firing The Lemonheads From Their Tour

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Evan Dando has some strong words for Jawbreaker after the latter band fired the Lemonheads from their spring tour. On April 14, Jawbreaker posted an update on Twitter: “Unfortunately Lemonheads won’t be joining us as planned for Philly, Boston & Silver Spring. BUT we are stoked to the Get Up Kids on those shows. Also: stay tuned for an update on the Detroit situation. Working out the last of the details and we’ll know tomorrow at the latest.” Though the reasons surrounding the firing are unclear, Dando hit back on May 5, writing: “I just want anyone anyone and everyone to know that Jawbreaker are pussies. Fact not my opinion.”

Dando followed that up with: “Or rather they aren’t the Bruce Springsteen’s of alternative rock that they pretend to be. I’ll meet any of them any time for a Fight let’s go.” The Lemonheads singer also retweeted a May 6 comment from Juliana Hatfield, who wrote: “It was a great concept for a tour, though: two candy bands.”

In response to a fan recommending he cool his jets, Dando added: “You trying to talk to me about rock ‘n’ roll I don’t talk to Lou Reed.”

The Lemonheads are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their fifth album, It’s A Shame About Ray, and it’s worth noting that they did hit Los Angeles with Jawbreaker early in April to play the record in full. According to Facebook, the planned April 21 Jersey City date has been rescheduled for December without Jawbreaker.

As for why the Lemonheads were kicked off of the tour, Dando wrote that “it wasn’t for lack of wanting to be there. Those motherfuckers kicked us off the tour because they were scared of us With me having my voice back or they were just scared of me…. We got kicked off the tour after one show surprising we made them look good that night.”

Dando also suggests his firing has to do with “going into the audience before the show”: “I agreed to the tour . I was angry that they threw me off for violating a rule that wasn’t posted anywhere. We got kicked off the tour For going into the audience before the show. I committed to doing those shows . I wanted to do the shows. I was pissed off for being thrown off.”

Across his many, many tweets, Dando appears to wildly swing back and forth, at some points shooting additional insults at Jawbreaker (“Suck it Jawbreaker pardon the expression you PUSSIES”) and deciding a beef is not worth it (“Peace Jawbreaker”): “Fuckin’ A… It’s just dawning on me how ridiculous is to be tweeting about this bullshit when there’s a war going on,” he wrote “I don’t want no beef with nobody including you guys Jawbreaker maybe we can do it again sometime.”

Dando also said the firing “seriously compromised our financial situation and I really don’t think we deserved it” before admitting to acting like “a bit of a weirdo and an asshole”: “OK let’s drop it God bless you Jawbreaker I don’t really want to fight I’m sure you guys are great and I was a bit of a weirdo and an asshole that day let’s chalk it up to miscommunication and for Freddy sake ( Frederick Walsh ) I’m gonna drop it.”

Below is text from a few more tweets where Dando swings from insulting Jawbreaker to declaring “peace” to coming at their fans to saying he didn’t want to be part of the tour anyway. He also notes that the band’s “getting really close… to having a whole record” and he’s “staying focused and off heroin.”

I wonder if I send a 10th text about Jawbreaker will sound like a little beeper go off in some managers office

It couldn’t be all their fault Now could it it just wasn’t meant to be I didn’t wanna open for a band I’ve never heard of peace everybody except Jawbreaker

Nothing Against Jawbreaker fans luckily I cannot get between you and your headphones and I will give them another chance there’s gotta be something there OK I have spoken my peace I apologize for not being there at those shows it wasn’t me

I would’ve vomited if I had to sit through another one of those Jawbreaker shows thanks for trying to kick me out during your show guys That was classy

I guess if the truth be known I didn’t want to be on the tour anyway . But we lost money a lot of money and that’s just impolite on their part

I couldn’t think of any better word pardon the expression ladies women womyn … Everybody it’s not so cool to say pussies but sometimes its Unavoidable like when you’re talking or thinking about the band Jawbreaker

OK I’ve cleared the air just want everyone to know that we didn’t wimp out we were fired like The shitty ceramics that is their music

You didn’t need to deprive our fans if you wanted to fight why didn’t you say that the from beginning . I’ll meet any of you anytime

Cheers buddy I’ve got it off my chest I don’t think it’s good for anyone to bottle that kind of anger up and I’m done with it now but I’m ready to fight anytime you hear me Jawbreaker ?

I think I’ve accomplished it thank you very much though it just was not cool the way they fired us from the tour via their assistants assistant something fishy in Denmark

Fucking bummer man even if they do love Frederick Walsh just like I do May they burn an indie rock Hell

We’re getting really close Johnny ! ( Poole Strohm ) To having a whole record ! And the tour is really fun. Killing it every night ( so far ) Staying focused and off heroin.

Finally, Dando tweeted an “open letter to [former President] George W. Bush” apologizing for saying “fucked up things about you” and requesting a painting for the Lemonheads’ album cover: “This is an open letter to George W. Bush I said some fucked things about you In that confusing past that was the early naughties … As a peace offering I would like you to do our album cover I like your paintings ( we can pay 10 G ).”

Stereogum reached out to a Jawbreaker rep for clarification, but they had no comment on the matter.

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