Beyoncé Reveals Renaissance Tracklist

Beyoncé Reveals Renaissance Tracklist

Beyoncé’s first proper solo album in six years, Renaissance, is out next week. After sharing its house-inflected lead single “Break My Soul” and revealing the Nokk-reminiscent cover art, she’s now shared the project’s 16-song tracklist, which includes such titles as “Alien Superstar,” “Thique,” and “America Has A Problem.” As posted on her Instagram story, here’s the whole thing:

01 “I’m That Girl”
02 “Cozy”
03 “Alien Superstar”
04 “Cuff It”
05 “Energy”
06 “Break My Soul”
07 “Church Girl”
08 “Plastic Off The Sofa”
09 “Virgo’s Groove”
10 “Move”
11 “Heated”
12 “Thique”
13 “All Up In Your Mind”
14 “America Has A Problem”
15 “Pure/Honey”
16 “Summer Renaissance”

Renaissance is out 7/29 on Parkwood/Columbia.

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