Watch Wet Leg Cover The Chats’ “Smoko”

Watch Wet Leg Cover The Chats’ “Smoko”

Band To Watch Wet Leg are currently touring through Australia in support of their excellent self-titled debut album, which came out in April. Before they jump over to Lollapalooza in Chicago next week, Wet Leg did a “Like A Version” cover, opting to reimagine the Chats’ 2017 single “Smoko.”

“It’s a really, really cool song that you showed me a few years ago,” Hester Chambers said about covering the Australian garage-punk act and motioning to bandmate Rhian Teasdale.

“I think when I first head it I saw the video as well, and it’s just pretty iconic, isn’t it?” Teasdale replied. To which Chambers added: “The Chats are a beacon of joy and fun and not being too serious in a serious world… Seriously.”

Watch Wet Leg cover the Chats below.

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