New Facing New York – “All A This”

San Francisco trio Facing New York cite the Dismemberment Plan, Fela Kuti, the Police, and Steely Dan, among others, as influences. Listening to “All A This” from their forthcoming Get Hot, you can get a sense of the D-Plan as well as some of the dynamics of the mid-period work of past tour mates Cursive (you’ll hear DP on “Man Up,” over at their MySpace, too). To get a sense of where they’re coming from, ex-guitar/vocals/keyboard/drums Matthew Fazzi’s currently in Taking Back Sunday and in ’04 they went on the Warped Tour. But regardless of what they’re doing with the bands that’ve inspired them, bassist/vocaliast, Brandon Canchola, drummer Omar Cuellar, and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Eric Frederic are definitely ambitious when it comes to squeezing things into a pop song.

Facing New York – “All A This” (MP3)

Also of note: They met Al Gore and managed to videotape the interaction.

Get Hot is out 10/14 via Five One, Inc.