Stream World Of Pleasure’s Fearsome New EP World Of Pleasure & Friends

Stream World Of Pleasure’s Fearsome New EP World Of Pleasure & Friends

Jess Nyx, leader of the Calgary band Mortality Rate, is one of the great screamers in all of hardcore; listening to her voice feels like getting an adrenaline needle straight to the eye. A couple of years ago, Nyx got together with Colter, a member of the Calgary metalcore band Serration, to start a militant straight-edge vegan side project called World Of Pleasure, and their self-titled debut EP was an absolute ripper. Today, World Of Pleasure have followed that EP with a one one called World Of Pleasure & Friends, and it rips just as hard.

World Of Pleasure’s sound is fast, feral chug, and the two members of the band know how to sound like an army. But the whole deal with World Of Pleasure & Friends, as the title implies, is that it features a bunch of the band’s hardcore peers. All four tracks on the new EP include vocals from a different hardcore luminary: True Love’s Dominic Vargaz, Despize’s Shaun Alexander, Safe And Sound’s Jaxon Craig, Witness Chamber’s Chad Pingree. The whole EP never lets up, except in the weird little between-songs moments where it shifts into the kind of starry-eyed rave music that the EP’s cover might imply. Stream it below and give your Monday a much-needed energy boost.

World Of Pleasure & Friends is out now on Wild Rose Records.

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