Kolb – “Jean-Luc”

Kolb – “Jean-Luc”

The Brooklyn-based musician Michael Kolb, a former touring member of Water From Your Eyes, has spent the past few years building up quite the Bandcamp backlog, filled with autre pop songs that were recorded in his bedroom. Today, he’s announcing his debut album as Kolb, Tyrannical Vibes, which features guest spots from the likes of Palberta’s Ani Ivry-Block and Carolyn Hietter; it was mixed by Water From Your Eyes’ Nate Amos and features cover art from Rachel Brown.

Fans of their music and scene associate Lily Konigsberg will find a lot to like about Tyrannical Vibes lead single, the squiggly and melodically hypnotic “Jean-Luc,” as in Godard. Kolb spends the song imagining himself as one of the protagonists in a French New Wave film: “Lookin’ like Jean-Luc, pickin’ up a scoop.” The track comes with a video directed by Ian Faria.

“For the ‘Jean-Luc’ video, we wanted to keep the visuals in line with the cinemagraphic French new wave themes in the lyrics and decided to get some friends together and run around like spies in Manhattan,” Kolb said in a statement. “I’m meeting up with sketchy figures, passing notes, dodging double agents. It was really fun to make.”

Check it out below.

01 “Cruising”
02 “I Guess I’m Lucky”
03 “Internal Affairs”
04 “Jean-Luc”
05 “Ectoplasm”
06 “The Answer”
07 “I Love To Play The Game”
08 “Tyrannical Vibes”
09 “Weather Synchronized”

Tyrannical Vibes is out 9/30 (digital) and 10/21 (vinyl) via Ramp Local. Pre-order it here.

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