Stockton Rapper Young Slo-Be Shot Dead At 29

Stockton Rapper Young Slo-Be Shot Dead At 29

Rising Stockton rapper Young Slo-Be was identified as the victim of a shooting on Friday. He was 29. According to local news outlets, Young Slo-Be (real name Disean Victor) was found dead in an apartment on Trevino Avenue in Manteca, California.

Promoter Thizzler On The Roof said in a statement:

We are saddened to confirm that Young Slo-Be was killed this morning in Manteca, CA. We’ve worked with Slo-Be since 2020, and from early on we knew that his work ethic and the care he put into his artistry would take him very far. He saw the most mainstream success with his song “I Love You” which has gone viral on TikTok, but he also leaves behind a strong catalog with multiple albums and a cult following that has followed him for years.

We had high hopes for Young Slo-Be’s career and looked forward to doing more great work together. This senseless act of violence has taken a man from his family and leaves a huge void in the West Coast music community. We hope to see a day where this kind of thing isn’t so common. We’ll miss him dearly.

A prominent figure in the Stockton rap scene, Young Slo-Be had a reputation for referencing his neighborhood — particularly his block on Nightingale Avenue — in his songs. His song “I Love You,” which samples Mariah Carey’s “Circles,” is especially popular on TikTok and has been featured in thousands of videos on the platform. Young Slo-Be’s most recent album, Southeast, came out just this past June.

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