Caitlin Rose – “Black Obsidian”

Caitlin Rose – “Black Obsidian”

With two albums in the early 2010s, Caitlin Rose established herself as a beloved singer-songwriter in the country-rock vein. Now, more than nine years after 2013’s The Stand-In, she’s finally ready to release her third album. CAZIMI, out in November, was tracked way back in February 2020 but held for release throughout various waves of the pandemic. It supposedly represents Rose throwing out her preconceived notions of what a “Caitlin Rose album” should be.

The album’s lead single is “Black Obsidian,” about which Rose has to say:

I think it’s common for people to fall into or back into difficult relationships after great personal setbacks. They can give you a kind of escape from yourself. It gives you this mostly impossible puzzle of trying to figure out what it is the other person is missing, what you could give them to make them whole, then depriving yourself of it in the process. It’s projection for the sake of purpose, loving someone knowing that they will always disappoint you. Because wouldn’t you want them to do the same?

Watch the “Black Obsidian” video below.

01 “Carried Away”
02 “Modern Dancing”
03 “Getting It Right”
04 “Nobody’s Sweetheart”
05 “Lil’ Vesta”
06 “Black Obsidian”
07 “How Far Away”
08 “Blameless”
09 “Gemini Moon”
10 “Holdin'”
11 “All Right (Baby’s Got A Way)”
12 “Only Lies”

CAZIMI is out 11/18 on Missing Piece.

Laura E. Partain

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