S.C.A.B. – “Tuesday”

S.C.A.B. – “Tuesday”

About a year ago, we posted “Stolen Jag Off Morgan Ave.,” a promising track from the Brooklyn post-punks S.C.A.B. Today the group is back with news of a new self-titled LP in November, and they’ve shared another winsome single. “Tuesday” is, either regrettably or fortunately, not an ILoveMakonnen cover. Instead, it’s an original rock song with spindly jangling guitars, a propulsive rhythm section, and Sean Camargo’s bluntly expressive vocals. “I keep trying to let go!” he laments on the chorus.

A note from Camargo about the track:

“Tuesday” is a song about disillusionment with trying to form meaningful connections, and searching aimlessly for something worthwhile. There’s a scene from Seinfeld where Newman says “Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel, Friday has a feel…” and that type of unspecific, hard-to-pinpoint vibe is what I wanted to express with the lyrics…

Director Matthew Marino’s video for “Tuesday” captures many pained facial expressions from Camargo. Watch it below.

01 “Why Do I Dream Of You”
02 “MTA LUX”
03 “Small Talk”
04 “Tuesday”
05 “C86”
06 “Six Songs Into Your Spotify Playlist”
07 “Beige And Green”
08 “Myrtle-Wyckoff”
09 “Rockefeller Pleather”
10 “Pink Tire”

S.C.A.B. is out 11/11 on Grind Select.

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