Post Malone Fell Through A Trap Door Onstage In St. Louis

Post Malone Fell Through A Trap Door Onstage In St. Louis

Post Malone fell through a trap door onstage at his show in St. Louis on Saturday night. While performing “Circles,” he took a wrong step and landed halfway in an opening that was used to lower his guitar earlier in the show. Medics came and took the rapper away. It was unclear whether or not the concert would go on until Posty emerged 15 minutes later with an apology.

“St. Louis, I’m so fucking sorry I ruined the show tonight, ladies and gentleman,” he said. “I promise next time I come around, I won’t fucking wreck y’alls night, I’m sorry for that. That being said, fuck… That being said, I want to thank you for your patience and I’m sorry.”

“There was a bigass hole in the middle of the stage that I busted my ass on,” he continued. “I want to say thank you to everybody for hanging in there and thank you to everybody for… I got the best fucking fans in the world.”

He ended up performing a few more songs. Post Malone is supposed to continue his tour tonight in Columbus.

UPDATE: Post Malone shared a video on his social media accounts talking about the fall. “Hey, St. Louis. I fucking love you guys so much. Thank you for the patience, thank you for putting up with my dumb ass,” he said. “Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitars on the guitar stand goes down and there’s this big ass hole, so I go around there and turn the corner and bust my ass… It got me pretty good.”

“We just got back from the hospital, everything’s good — they gave me some pain meds and everything so we can keep kicking ass on the tour,” he continued. ” I just want to apologize to everyone in St. Louis and I want to say thank you guys so much for coming to the show and next time I’m around this way we’re gonna do a two-hour show for you to make up for the couple missed songs that we missed.”

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