SLUG – “Casual Cruelty”

SLUG – “Casual Cruelty”

SLUG, the Field Music offshoot headed up by touring bassist Ian Black, have announced a new album, Thy Socialite!, which will be out early next year — it’s the follow-up to 2018’s HiggledyPiggledy. It’s also the first release for Daylight Saving Records, a new label that was formed by Field Music’s Peter and David Brewis. Black is introducing the album with lead single “Casual Cruelty.”

“‘Casual Cruelty’ is a song about how we’re all implicit in acts of cruelty now and then, even when we think we’re the ‘goodie,” he explained in a statement. “I started to think about what I could do to challenge my own listeners and what would be my angle without just releasing 40 minutes of generic, bad music.”

Listen below.

01 “Insults Sweet Like Treacle”
02 “Please Turn It Up”
03 “Casual Cruelty”
04 “Instant Reaction”
05 “Honestly Subjective ‘Bout Your Own Thing”
06 “Lovingly Legerdemain”
07 “Wow (Whatta Gurl)”
08 “Depends On What You Think Is Nice”
09 “Be A Good Martyr!”
10 “Settled With A Wink”
11 “I Love That Actually”
12 “Silly Little Things That We Do”
13 “Cut Of Your JIb”

Thy Socialite! is out 1/20 via Daylight Saving Records.

Andy Martin

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