Hannah Jadagu – “Say It Now”

Hannah Jadagu – “Say It Now”

Texas-born, New York-based Hannah Jadagu is a new addition to the Sub Pop roster. The label will put out a whole album by Jadagu next year, but today they’re starting with her lone song release of 2022, “Say It Now.” It’s a dreamy, poppy indie-rock song with a chorus big enough to sweep you away. Here’s what Jadagu had to say about it:

“Say It Now” is my sort of inner reflection on where things have gone wrong in my past interactions and relationships with other people. Sonically and lyrically, I feel as though this song signifies me venturing into a new world that is even more intense and vulnerable.

Director Jade De Brito’s “Say It Now” video was shot on location in Paris. Jadagu shared a statement on the visuals as well:

Making this video was so special because I got to make it during my first visit to Paris. We shot it in about 2 days, showcasing a sort of “day in the life” where I do studio work and get to go around the city. It’s a nice contrast to the lyrical content because there’s truly no time to be sad in Paris.

Watch below.

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