Jack Antonoff Responds To Kanye’s Anti-Semitic Posts: “Don’t Fuck With Us”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images

Jack Antonoff Responds To Kanye’s Anti-Semitic Posts: “Don’t Fuck With Us”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images

In the past few days, Kanye West has been on a real tear, getting himself locked out of both Instagram and Twitter for making anti-Semitic statements. Kanye’s peers are not amused. While playing a show with his band Bleachers last night, Kanye’s fellow hitmaking producer Jack Antonoff, who is Jewish, went on a spur-of-the-moment riff about Kanye West’s anti-Semitism.

Last night, when Bleachers played at the Roots N Blues N Festival in Columbia, Missouri, Antonoff started talking about basketball, and it led to a whole thing about Kanye. Here’s what Anotoff said:

I’m Jewish, and we take a lot of pride in our basketball skill. You know what I’m saying, Columbia, Missouri? Don’t fuck with us until we roll our ankle in the platform Docs. And then still don’t fuck with us. Kanye, don’t fuck with us. Everything about that little bitch misses. See, when Bowie went through the fascism phase, right? It’s dicey shit, but the motherfucker’s making some of the best records that ever happened. Kanye’s so far from good work, just, what do we do besides tell him to get the fuck out of here?

That is not to say that I dig anti-Semitism or bigotry from people making good records. But the difference between the man on my block who just yells shit at me and some other asshole is that he doesn’t make good records, the man on my block. If he did, and he’s like, “What’s up, four eyes?” — he yells “four-eyes” at me sometimes, which I think is anti-Semitic, I don’t know why — but I’d be like, “What a piece of shit,” and then I’d be like, “But what a strange being, making these records that I love.” But this motherfucker’s just… You know, you gotta think about space nowadays. Infinite space. Everybody’s talking about infinite space. I would do anything to just not wake up and year about Kanye, especially not much about the fucking Jews, man. That’s just a Jewish person from New Jersey who plays basketball and takes a lot of pride in shutting the fuck up and playing the show.

Here’s some footage:

After the show, Antonoff condensed that whole thing down to a four-word tweet:

Kanye West, meanwhile, recently posted a half-hour YouTube video that shows him going to meeting and riding around, listening to music. Near the 10-minute mark of the video, Kanye, meeting with Adidas executives, takes out his phone and tries to show them a porn video. He holds the phone directly in one guy’s face, even after the guy tries to push it away. Then Kanye, speaking in calm and measured tones, makes a bit of a speech:

You guys have done wrong by the company, by the business, and by the partnership. The whole concept of this video is that the guy had cheated. So then the girl was like, “Well, I’m going to do the thing that’s your worst nightmare.” This is your worst nightmare. Your worst nightmare is not me hitting you. Your worst nightmare is not me playing the porn. Your worst nightmare is not me screaming. We’ve done all this. That’s your worst nightmare. And then worst nightmare number two. So is it your dream, or is it a nightmare? What are we doing?…

I’m the king of culture, and I’ve got to step up, even if Jay is nailed by the money, or even if Jay is not Christian. I have to step up because I’m the king of culture. Now because you’re talking to the king of culture now, this is the king of culture. Now you’re face to face, eye to eye, with the person who does songs with your father in law, with the person who discovered Virgil, with the person who discovered Demna, with the person that placed the creative director at Skims. He had a Travis that slept on his couch? I had a Travis that slept on my couch. His Travis was Uber; my Travis was Scott. Literally Scott Disick. Because Travis is Scott, if you follow my Instagram. I have Baby Keem come to the show tonight. We have Kendrick. Our army is so prepared. This is a different level of nuclear activity that no one will recover from if the guy from [beep] could not sell enough companies to cure this level of global warming that you’re going to experience.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Motherboard shared a series of leaked clips that were edited out of Kanye’s recent Tucker Carlson interview. They include even more bigoted statements about Jewish people along with claims that “fake children” were planted in his house.

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