Criss Angel Almost Killed Ginuwine

Criss Angel Almost Killed Ginuwine

Criss Angel almost killed Ginuwine. While rehearsing a stunt for the upcoming show Magic With The Stars, the “Pony” singer passed out while attempting to hold his breath underwater in a glass cube. In video obtained by The Daily Mail, Ginuwine can be seen slamming on the side of the cube and being pulled out by production staff and laid on the ground. Paramedics were called to the scene — Ginuwine was apparently taken away unconscious but made a full recovery.

“It all happened so fast, it was like he got tapped out in a fight,” an anonymous source told The Daily Mail. “In the show he was trying to overcome his fear of being under water as he couldn’t hold his breath for longer than 15 seconds before trying the stunt out. Although he failed in rehearsals, he still went ahead with the stunt on the show and everyone was in tears.”

Other celebrities set to appear on the show include Donny Osmond, Debbie Gibson, and Flavor Flav.

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