Gord Downie & Bob Rock – “Lustre Parfait”

Gord Downie & Bob Rock – “Lustre Parfait”

Superproducer Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe) goes back a long way with the Tragically Hip. In addition to producing 2006’s World Container and 2009’s We Are The Same, it’s long been rumored that Rock recorded work with the Hip’s late frontman Gord Downie, who passed away in 2017. Well, the first song from that collaboration is out today in the form of a song called “Lustre Parfait” via Arts & Crafts. And, it sounds like a full album is also imminent.

According to a press release, the duo’s collab started after completion of We Are The Same when Downie asked if Rock had any music he could write lyrics to. “The sonic spaces that Rock would provide incited Downie to delve into the depths of his notebooks, armed with the musical clues to find the brilliance mapped therein,” the release says.

“First and foremost Gord was my friend, and having the opportunity to work with him on these songs was one of the biggest highlights of my professional life,” says Rock. “I am grateful that I got to witness his genius in such close proximity.”

Listen to “Lustre Parfait” below, and stay tuned for more info about Rock and Downie’s joint album, due in 2023.

Gordon Hawkins / Austin Nelson

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