Watch Nardwuar Interview Lizzo

Watch Nardwuar Interview Lizzo

Lizzo is the latest artist to enjoy an interview with Nardwuar. Right off the bat, Nardwuar gifts Lizzo with a “Nardwuar Vs. Lizzo” fuzz pedal for her flute(!), which is designed to be played through a mic and was made from a 1967 Porsche transistor. Nardwuar keeps the gifts rolling, handing Lizzo a framed picture of the time she appeared in the 2004 film Friday Night Lights with her high school marching band. “We were also in the Super Bowl, too,” Lizzo says.

The pair also talk famous flautists, the time Lizzo worked at Cirque du Soleil, living in Minneapolis, and a lot more. Later, Nardwuar hands Lizzo a 12-inch of Queen Latifah’s Come Into My House from 1990 and a Queen Latifah cassette tape from 1991. “Queen Latifah is the first person that I saw in media that looked like me,” Lizzo said. “It was very important to see someone like her be a mogul, rapper, singer, actress, TV host, clothing line, all of it.”

Watch Lizzo’s interview with Nardwuar below.

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