serpentwithfeet – “The Hands”

serpentwithfeet – “The Hands”

serpentwithfeet has shared a special bonus track that appears in the end credits of A24’s new film The Inspection, which features an original score by Animal Collective. “The Hands” was produced by Sensei Bueno and features contributions from Animal Collective and vocals from StemsMusic Choir. The movie will go into wide release starting December 2, but you can hear “The Hands” now.

As a release lays out, The Inspection is based on the true story of Elegance Bratton, who directed and wrote the film. It follows a “young, Black, gay man, Ellis French, who is ostracized from his family and opportunity. Ellis joins the Marines to provide for himself, and in boot camp he encounters more than just physical obstacles obstructing his path.”

“‘The Hands’ is a devotional song,” serpentwithfeet says of the track. “By the film’s end, Ellis French has a strong sense of self but doesn’t lose his sensitivity or optimism. I wanted to reflect that lyrically and musically.”

Listen to “The Hands” below.

The Inspection hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles on 11/18 and nationwide 12/2.

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