Danielson – “Worried Shoes” (Daniel Johnson Cover Feat. Sufjan Stevens)

Danielson – “Worried Shoes” (Daniel Johnson Cover Feat. Sufjan Stevens)

Back in 2006, Second Shimmy Records released the tribute comp I Killed The Monster (21 Artists Performing The Songs Of Daniel Johnston). The second song on the tracklist was a run through “Worried Shoes” by Danielson (aka Daniel Smith) and Sufjan Stevens, who got his start in music as part of the Danielson Famile extended universe.

It appears that the “Worried Shoes” cover once streamed on Danielson’s MySpace page, but until this week it wasn’t up on streaming services. It looks like there wasn’t even a bootleg YouTube stream. It’s an excellent pairing of artist and material, and it sounds much like you’d expect a Danielson x Sufjan recording from 2006 to sound. Listen below.

You may recall Karen O also did a great “Worried Shoes” cover for the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack.

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