Stream Atlanta Punk Band Nag’s Tense, Grimy New Album Human Coward Coyote

Stream Atlanta Punk Band Nag’s Tense, Grimy New Album Human Coward Coyote

Do you like it when music seems like it’s making fun of you? Like, when the music doesn’t seem like a joke that you’re in on but like a brutal mockery of you, your friends, and all you hold dear? If so, then you might be interested in the Atlanta band Nag

Nag seem to live in that early-’80s moment when punk was just turning into hardcore — when bands were playing fast, but there was still some post-punky goth-rock in their riffage and when their singers were still doing self-consciously obnoxious nasal playground-bully voices. I like that moment! Nag smear all their music in reverb, and they sound dank and mysterious, like they should be playing in the goth club from the beginning of The Hunger. But unlike actual Hunger band Bauhaus, Nag also sound like they’d be intentionally antagonizing all the vampires in the club, screaming in their faces and knocking their drinks over and shit.

Right now, Nag are on a wild run. Last year, they released two full-length albums, Dead Deer and Observer. Today, they’ve followed those LPs with a new one, and it’s got the inexplicable title Human Coward Coyote. It sounds tense and cathartic and maybe slightly gross. I’m into it! Maybe you will be, too. You can stream it below.

Human Coward Coyote is out now on Convulse Records.

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