New Vampire Weekend – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (The Teenagers Remix)

I generally read Hipster Runoff for the punchlines, but Carles posted a pretty interesting remix of “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by cheeky Parisian synth-pop trio the Teenagers, maybe known best for their various remixes of Air, Chromeo, Black Ghosts, Goldfrapp, and Simian Mobile Disco, among others, as well as their love for Scarlett Johansson and the one dude’s annoying mustache. They loosen up the bouncy, tightly wrung “Cape Cod,” turning it into a spacious, more percussively explosive, late-night take on one of Vampire Weekend’s signature tracks. It’s like Ezra & Co. via the M83 Milky Way.

As HRO put it:

I remember back during the Remix Economy’s golden age in 2k6k7, the Teenagers were able to deliver on a wide range of remixes, usually taking the song to a new level. That’s what remixes are for, yall…to appeal 2 more people. <3 cross branding <3

What would the cross-branded/remix version of this shirt look like?