Ibex Clone – “Nothing Ever Changes”

Ibex Clone – “Nothing Ever Changes”

Memphis’ Ibex Clone are a jangly new post-punk/power-pop outfit comprising former members of Ex-Cult, NOTS, and Hash Redactor. Guitarist and singer George Williford, bassist Alec McIntyre, and drummer Meredith Lones are announcing their second album, All Channels Clear, coming next month via Goner Records.

Accompanying the album announcement is a lead single, “Nothing Ever Changes,” which layers chiming, reverb-splashed guitars with Williford’s stiffened, urgent vocal. Listen to “Nothing Ever Changes” below.

01 “Nothing Ever Changes”
02 “There Is No Light”
03 “Black Hole Blues”
04 “All Channels Clear”
05 “Sound Of The Skyline”
06 “Dream Yourself Red”
07 “Hollow Tubes From Heaven”
08 “Industry Quickening Pace”
09 “Funeral”
10 “Friends Divine”

All Channels Clear is out 2/3 via Goner Records. Pre-order it here.

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