Miami Courtroom Gets Lit As Flo Rida Plays His Hits During Testimony Against Celsius Energy Drink

Miami Courtroom Gets Lit As Flo Rida Plays His Hits During Testimony Against Celsius Energy Drink

Courtrooms are boring. You know this if you’ve ever had to spend any time in one. Huge, consequential things happen in those rooms, but they happen in sedate environments while people quietly spout legalese at each other. A recent news story shows us that the courtroom environment could be significantly improved if someone were to play Flo Rida’s insidiously catchy club-rap hits during a trial, and especially if Flo Rida himself happened to be on the witness stand.

Right now, Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, is suing Celsius Holdings, makers of the energy drink Celsius, in a Miami court. In 2014, as the Miami New Tmes reports, Celsius made a deal for Flo Rida, then near his commercial peak, to endorse its drinks. Flo Rida promoted the brand often, sometimes featuring Celsius projects in music videos without the company even asking him to do it. He also co-created a powder called Flo Fusion with the company. Celsius renewed Flo Rida’s contract in 2016.

When Celsius first hired Flo Rida, the company’s shares were apparently selling for about $1. Today, they’re worth $106. The company did pay Flo Rida in cash and stocks, but he was supposed to get a bonus if the company hit a certain sales threshold. Flo Rida claims that he’s due that bonus and that the company never even told him when it reached its sales goal.

This all seems like a pretty standard legal dispute between a rapper and a company. But we’re talking about it because of something that happened on Wednesday. Flo Rida testified in court about his relationship with Celsius, and by way of explaining the value of his endorsement, Flo Rida’s lawyers played clips from a bunch of his hits in the courtroom. As the Miami New Times reports, Flo Rida immediately became more comfortable on the stand when his lawyers played a bit of “My House.”

When Flo Rida’s lawyers also played “Low,” the New Times claims that several of the jurors were “mouthing along” with the song.

@joeusherr They also played 3 other songs #florida #floridaincourt #floridarapper #applebottomjeansbootswiththefur #applebottomjeans #shawtygotlow ♬ Low – Flo Rida

Celsius’ legal team tried to object when Flo Rida’s lawyers were about to play “Right Round,” but the judge overruled them. I would’ve overruled them, too.


FLO RIDA Performs His Hit Record Right Round In Court

♬ original sound – Gettothebag1st

Flo Rida’s lawyers also played Flo Rida’s songs “Good Feeling” and “GDFR (Going Down For Real),” and the New Times reports that Flo Rida “inaudibly rapped and sang along.” You can see a bit of that in one of the courtroom videos. (Shout out to the lady who sits motionless right in front of Flo Rida’s face the entire time.)

Look, it would be better if Flo Rida had laser lights and confetti cannons in the courtroom, but that’s not what happened. Celsius lawyers claim that “this entire lawsuit is based on greed” and disputed Flo Rida’s definition of a sales “unit.” But the judge ruled that the contract was vague and that the jury will decide the verdict. Celsius better hope it has something on deck as entertaining as Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur.

UPDATE: Flo Rida was victorious, with the jury on awarding him $82 million in damages on Jan 18.

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