Ruston Kelly – “The Weakness”

Ruston Kelly – “The Weakness”

The country musician Ruston Kelly has announced a new album, The Weakness, his follow-up to 2020’s Shape & Destroy. It was recorded at Studio Tujunga in Los Angeles with Nate Mercereau.

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted a large sound for this record — I remember telling Nate at one point that I wanted it to sound like a storm brewing in a big empty field,” Kelly said. “With every record I make, I learn so much about myself and who I am as a human and what type of man I want to be. In a way it’s a form of self-help, or like I’m building a fort against a lesser version of myself. Then the goal from there is to just keep on growing.”

Today, he’s sharing its lead single and title track. “Have you been waiting here a long time? The traffic sucks on the Northside,” Kelly starts off singing. “Did you order yet or should we wait? How are you doing, are you okay?” The song ends up circling around to the refrain: “We don’t give in to the weakness.” Check it out below.

01 “The Weakness”
02 “Hellfire”
03 “St. Jupiter”
04 “Let Only Love Remain”
05 “Michael Keaton”
06 “Mending Song”
07 “Dive”
08 “Breakdown”
09 “Holy Shit”
10 “Better Now”
11 “Wicked Hands”
12 “Cold Black Mile”

The Weakness is out 4/7 via Rounder.

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