Stream Mac DeMarco’s New Album Five Easy Hot Dogs

Stream Mac DeMarco’s New Album Five Easy Hot Dogs

Ever since the release of 2019’s Here Comes The Cowboy, Mac DeMarco has been keeping a relatively low profile. Although he’s back today with his first new album in almost four years, that low-key vibe hasn’t really changed.

Technically, Five Easy Hot Dogs is a new full-length Mac DeMarco album, but in spirit it closely resembles the string of low-stakes loosies and guest appearances he’s kept trickling out in the early 2020s. It’s a set of instrumentals recorded and mixed on a solo road trip, launched after a Bay Area show in January 2022, with whoever DeMarco happened upon in a given town. “If I didn’t know what was up in a city, I’d just walk around ’til someone recognized me and go from there,” he explains in promo materials. “I met a lot of interesting people this way, and had a bunch of cool experiences.”

Ultimately DeMarco spent four months in this state of creative transit. The result is a rewarding abundance of vibes and textures, less a collection of songs than a state of mind to be explored. It’s as chill as you’d expect — as chill as you’d hope. Stream Five Easy Hot Dogs below.

Five Easy Hot Dogs is out now on Mac’s Record Label.

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