Orbital – “Are You Alive?” (Feat. Penelope Isles)

Orbital – “Are You Alive?” (Feat. Penelope Isles)

UK rave scene dance veterans Orbital broke up in 2014 but have a new album called Optical Delusion on the way. Today they have a new single out, a collaboration with Penelope Isles, the young indie rock band led by siblings Lily and Jack Wolter. Both acts are based out of Brighton, where they met because Penelope Isles’ studio space is upstairs from Orbital’s. They’ve teamed up on a song called “Are You Alive?”

From Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll:

Are You Alive came about when I had the instrumental and felt it could do with a delicate vocal. Enter Penelope Isles! They took it away and Lily came up with some killer hooks, we spent a day rearranging the song and Hey Presto! Are You Alive was born. But don’t be fooled by the sweetness of the sound, the lyrics have some bite. It’s a dog-eat-dog world…

Listen below, where you can also hear Orbital’s recent Sleaford Mods collab “Dirty Rat.”

Optical Delusion is out 2/17 on Orbital Recordings/London Music Stream.

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