Kalia Vandever – “Temper The Wound”

Kalia Vandever – “Temper The Wound”

The New York trombonist Kalia Vandever emerged from the world of jazz, and her career has intersected with the worlds of pop and indie rock through work with artists like Harry Styles and Japanese Breakfast. But who needs genres when you’ve got expression as pure as the sounds on Vandever’s upcoming improvisational album We Fell In Turn? The record’s promo materials invoke Grouper, Jeff Parker, and William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops, which should give you some idea of the stretched-out, meditative quality of these tracks, which are largely inspired by Vandever’s memories of childhood in Hawai’i. “Temper The Wound,” the project’s lead single, is basically ambient music — gorgeous, searching ambient music that you should hear below.

01 “Recollections From Shore”
02 “Imagine Being Told”
03 “Stillness In Hand”
04 “Mirrored Solitude”
05 “Center”
06 “Temper The Wound”
07 “Teased Traces”
08 “Held In”
09 “We Wept In Turn”
10 “Unfaltering”

We Fell In Turn is out 3/31 on AKP.

Bao Ngo

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