Garden Centre – “Shock Site”

Garden Centre – “Shock Site”

Led by Max Levy, the Brighton indie band Garden Centre features members of Porridge Radio and the Tubs, and Frank Ocean has showcased them on his Blonded radio show multiple times. Today they’re announcing their new album Searching For A Stream, which Levy largely wrote during the lockdown phase of the pandemic after he and his girlfriend broke up but continued to live together by necessity. Lead single “Shock Site” is a quirky, radioactive new wave track with a neurotic Buzzcocks edge. Hear it below.

01 “Hall Of Fame”
02 “Shock Site”
03 “Chicken”
04 “Talking On The Phone”
05 “Dirtbike”
06 “Sitting On My Chest”
07 “Thin”
08 “Tannoy”
09 “Perfect Stranger”
10 “Searching For A Stream”
11 “Poolball”
12 “Valley”

Searching For A Stream is out 5/19 on Specialist Subject/Kanine. Pre-order it here.

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